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Hen Weekends

It’s not always easy to organize a hen weekend, especially if you have not seen or participated in such activity over the past. Luckily, we have planned simple tips you must follow when organizing a hen party.

The first thing you need to note is the appropriate time to organize the hen weekend. I would discourage you from choosing the night immediate to your wedding because you or your friends might get fatigued or overindulge. Therefore, it is always great to do some several weeks before the actual date for the event.

The next thing you must decide is the attendants. The bride should choose and determine the people they want to be invited to the party. Inviting people across different generations is acceptable. But they should not be allowed to mix if this is necessary to avoid spoiling the moments.

Your close friends, family, and relatives across different age groups should be considered for the event as this will be a fun moment for them all.

While organizing your hen weekend, it’s always good to research and develop an excellent place for the night. The factors you should consider in making your selection are the type of women in attendance, your budget, and the amount of time available. Think beyond a local nightclub but a place that will motivate every invite to attend. It is always a great idea to ensure that you make the weekend the most memorable in your life.

I would also recommend sorting your money upfront to minimize overspending. By this, I mean having a budget with your organizer and sorting the expenses to avoid temptations that could cause you frustrations on the actual day of the event.

A critical point you must never forget is your self-preparation. When everything is all set, find the right outfits, badges, hats, and dresses to bring with you to the party because it is your moment.